Lakeside Spring Residence, Lekki

Lagos -N 6,000,000 - Serviced plot sales start from N6,000,000

Detached Duplex

Sold/Advertised By, David

  • 1 Hour (Property Inspection)
  • 1-C of O, 3-Parking Spaces, 1-Garden, 1-24 Hour Electricity, 1-Gym, 1-Security,
  • Property Inspection Offered in : English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba

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Number of Bedrooms:


Number of Bathrooms



1 - C of O

Certificate of Occupancy

3 - Parking Spaces

Resident Parking Spaces

1 - Garden

Garden and children`s play ground

1 - 24 Hour Electricity

Round the clock electricity on the property

1 - Gym

Work out Gymnasium

1 - Security

Round the clock security provided for residents

Property Description:

Lakeside Spring Residence, Lekki

Property Size:

100ft x 50 ft per plot


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Number of Toilets:


Contact Phone Number(s):


Cancellation Percentage


Flexible Cancellation Policy

Any property inspection can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of booking. See cancellation policy.

₦6000000.00 NGN (Property Inspection Dates)

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